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Data Maturity Assessment

The ISC Data Management Maturity Model assessment is a process to help investment management companies to assess and determine their degree of maturity regarding the management of data. Establishing and maintaining a data management programme can be challenging. To be successful, objective assessment is required to chart a course of incremental improvements aligned to business priorities.

Data Management for investment data is:

  • A systematic approach to automating the collection of appropriate data
  • Quality control of data
  • Distribution of data to business functions and systems
  • Retention of data
  • Processes, systems and people to manage the data life cycle

Our extensive experience of helping our clients manage data and our understanding of data maturity enables our initial assessment against the four levels of data maturity

Level of data maturity

How Mature is Your Data?

Data maturity chart

Our Approach to Improving Data Maturity

Our initial assessment of the maturity of data baselines the process. We then identify the people, process and technology steps that are required to improve data maturity. The changes are pragmatic and bespoke to each client.

Data maturity steps

The amount of change required to transition from one level up to the next is significant. For any company that wants to improve the quality of their data, it is critical to understand that achieving the highest level of data management is an evolutionary process. To improve the 'health certificate' of data within an organisation, IT application architecture and cultural changes are required. For a company to progress from an 'Undisciplined' stage to a 'Governed' state takes a series of evolutionary stages.

ISC Data Maturity Assessment Service