Funds Transitions & On-Boarding

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The Brief

The client commissioned ISC to provide several resources with Programme and Project Management expertise to manage the transition of their Private Client book of business to another asset manager, including all assets, clients, personnel, data and records.

Project Scope

The project engagement only began once the sale had been agreed with the buyer, and was to a very aggressive timeframe. All aspects of the private client book of business needed to be transferred from the client, to the buyer, and this required a close working relationship to be established between the two organisations. Transfer of both Onshore and Offshore clients and their assets required extensive communications and legal co-ordination in the novation of agreements, and (in some cases) transfer of legal entities. Certain personnel also needed to be transferred from the client to the purchaser, and their employment terms were in scope of the project. A key major component of the transfer was the records and data associated with the clients and legal entities included with the sale.

Our Role & Value

ISC’s placed several resources into the project, including the overall programme manager, and several project managers for different streams of the transition. At programme management level, it was key to ensure that all streams were progressing, and any obstacles removed, as well as close communication with the buyer, and co-ordination of their own plans with those of the seller. Project managers appointed via ISC dealt with the specific peculiarities of the Offshore business transfer, and co-ordinating the communications and novations of all client contracts, and striving to keep any terminations to a minimum.

The Outcome

The client achieved the transfer of business on the agreed date, with higher than expected retention rates of business transitioning to the new manager. From the client’s and from the buyer’s perspective, the project was deemed to have been a great success. This enabled the seller (ISC’s client) to re-focus their remaining business and streamline their activities into a more efficient business model.

Consultant Reflections

“I have been working at ISC since 2010, since day one I have had amazing support to develop and grow within my role. The directors of ISC are extremely dedicated to their employee’s progression which sets them apart from other consultancies."

Kelly Goldie, ISC Head of Operations

How are AI and Big Data relevant to the Asset Management Industry?

Two of the biggest buzzword phrases that look set to transform the world in which we live in the near future are AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data.

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ISC Newsletter July 2023

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Welcome to our newest team member Patrick Ralison

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Key Challenges faced by Asset Managers under US T+1

As anyone in the asset management industry will know, there is a 28th May 2024, implementation date for the move to T+1 settlement for transactions in US cash equities, corporate debt, and unit investment trusts. The transition to a T+1 settlement cycle in the US will have a significant impact on asset management firms.

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Unintentional Greenwashing – Product Classification Challenges for Asset Managers

As mentioned in our previous post on ESG investing, unintentional greenwashing is something that every asset manager needs to avoid. In this post we explore the issues faced when categorising products for which ESG characteristics are claimed. Here we offer some suggestions for the key activities that managers can take to minimise the risk of unintentionally categorising products (e.g., claiming article 8 or 9 status when the product in question does not meet the appropriate criteria under regulatory scrutiny), particularly given the reputational damage that could be suffered having promoted an inappropriately categorised product to the market:-


Unintentional Greenwashing – Investing Challenges for Asset Managers

Unintentional greenwashing is something that every asset manager needs to avoid. The implications of getting it wrong are many, but perhaps the most worrying is the reputational damage that can be inflicted on an entire organisation that has failed to prevent it.. Read below for more information


ISC Regulatory Change Forum – 4th July 2023

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ISC and FundSense launch AVIATe, the first automated solution

ISC Ltd and FundSense launch AVIATe, the first automated solution to the challenge of compiling annual Value Assessments for UK Retail Funds.


Consumer Duty – FCA Podcasts for the 4 outcomes

With the end of July deadline for Consumer Duty fast approaching, we thought it would be useful to remind industry participants about the FCA podcasts for the 4 outcomes


Consumer Duty – Deadline for implementation is rapidly approaching

Firms has less than two months to implement the Consumer Duty, which comes into force on 31st July.

Four key outcomes that firms need to assess under the Consumer Duty:

– Products & services
– Price & value
– Consumer understanding
– Consumer support

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