Operational Outsourcing

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The Brief

An investment management client had a requirement to outsource internal functions as part of a firm-wide efficiency programme to provide cost savings to shareholders. Each function underpinned a project within the programme; these covered Solvency II Reporting, Accounting, Performance and Risk functions.

Project Scope

The scope of the multi-year project was to re-plumb existing data feeds and processes to the new outsourced platforms, while maintaining the existing BAU responsibilities and quality control. A number of project teams, in which ISC were embedded, operated in multiple locations co-ordinating activity to drive the projects forward.

Our Role & Value

ISC’s extensive role within this project ensured we partnered with the client satisfying their need for experienced project resources. Given the wide and varied experience ISC has within the regulatory/data/operational landscape, our experience and knowledge provided the client an insight into industry standard practice and peer review of the approach. This enabled the client to get best fit solutions while minimising cost and disruption to the BAU functions.

The Outcome

The programme conclusion resulted in the completed outsourcing of not only regulatory reporting but the other important internal functions. This was a pillar in the client’s service rationalisation and cost reduction strategy.

Consultant Reflections

“I have watched the Investment Management industry evolve for almost 40 years now, and the pace of change continues unabated. Change (correctly handled) helps firms to grow, so it is key to make sure that the change management resource you use, is appropriately skilled. I am always struck by the professionalism and expertise of my fellow ISC colleagues, and am proud that our change management delivery track record in the industry is second to none”

Simon Harris
Investment Solutions Consultants

FCA Findings on IFPR/ICARA Process

It was surprising to read the recent FCA paper on the interim observations around ICARA (Internal Capital Adequacy & Risk Assessment) under IFPR which came into force in Jan 2022. Whilst there must have been some investment firms who have taken the ICARA process seriously, the FCA’s paper feels as if it widely condemns many of the representative firms selected for review so far


DORA – 3rd Party Technology Outsource Providers

Further to our recent LinkedIn posts on the EU DORA regulation, we thought it would be useful to outline the plans for dealing with 3rd Party technology outsource providers


DORA – Risk Management Framework

Further to our recent posts on the EU DORA regulation, we thought it would be useful to outline the Risk Management Framework that firms should be considering:-


DORA – Challenges for Asset Managers

DORA may not be uppermost in the thoughts of Asset Managers, but it is a regulation that cannot be ignored if you carry out business in the EU, or with parties falling into


The Five Pillars of DORA for the Financial Services Industry

Further to ISC’s recent posts on the topic of DORA, and following the ESA briefing to financial services industry participants in early February 2023, here are the five pillars upon which DORA is built and which underpin the


Importance of Incident Management for Investment Managers in the Context of the European DORA Regulation

In ISC’s last post on DORA regulation, which briefly described the Cybersecurity Requirements, we mentioned the need to respond to security incidents in a timely manner. Here are further details around that


Cybersecurity Requirements for Investment Managers under the European DORA Regulation

Following ISC’s recent post on DORA regulation, here is a brief summary of the Cybersecurity Requirements for consideration by Investment Managers

The European DORA Regulation requires companies to implement appropriate measures to secure their networks and systems from cyber threats. This includes measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data


ISC Regulatory Change Forum 2023

Our forum is a great way to hear about the
common challenges we face.

If you would like to take part in the next Regulatory Change Forum


European DORA Regulation and its Implications for Investment Management Companies

At ISC’s recent Regulatory Change Forum (held 7th February 2023) the topic of the European DORA Regulation was raised, and in particular, what the impacts of DORA would be on the Investment Management Industry. Here is


Trade & Transaction Regulatory Reporting – The Technology Challenge

Such is the complexity of the various regulatory reporting regimes in respect of Trade and Transaction reporting, that it can be quite bewildering. MiFIR, EMIR, CFTC, ASIC, SFTR, and other regimes, with all the various local rules, and frequent changes/updates make for a moving target which is increasingly hard to hit. This makes for challenges not only for asset managers who need to report their trades, but also for software

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