We recognise the challenges associated with the continuous need to interpret and then implement solutions to comply with new and changing regulations. ISC has conducted a vast array of regulatory driven projects, whilst enabling clients to seamlessly continue with their core activities

The Brief

The client commissioned ISC to provide Programme Management expertise to lead the MiFID II change project and to ensure that it was able to meet all the regulatory obligations that came with the regulation.

Project Scope

The project covered all of the aspects of the MiFID II regulation, and was broken down into the key underlying streams for implementation on 3rd January 2018. These were classified into their impact, size, complexity, and the clarity of the regulatory interpretation, to ensure that all aspects were appropriately reported through multiple levels of management. Whilst the project delivered a regulatory compliant solution for the imperative date, there were some aspects of the solution that were more “tactical” in nature to meet the regulatory imperative, so the project continued until the permanent and strategic solution was in place.

Our Role & Value

ISC’s role was to supply an experienced and skilled Programme Manager to identify what resource was required to complete the project, recruit them, report progress across the programme, moderate the Steering Group, and to ensure that all aspects of the project moved at an appropriate pace to make sure that the regulatory imperative dates were met with a solution (sometimes tactical out of necessity). The role extended to ensure that any remaining strategic solutions were implemented to replace any tactical MiFID II solutions.

The Outcome

The client achieved regulatory compliance across the whole operation to the regulatory deadlines. In the first few weeks following implementation and due to regulation interpretation, changes were identified and actioned. The project was recognised by the client as being extremely successful and delivered on a cost effective basis.

Client Reflections

“I first met the ISC consultants at Fidelity International where I worked with them for just over 4 years. They are knowledgeable in the world of Investment Management and very professional in their approach and attitude thus making it very easy and pleasant to work with them on a day to day basis. Their experience allowed them to drive the project at pace, especially when one of them had to take over my project when I was suddenly taken ill. The deliverables were fit for purpose and delivered without any issues. They have high quality of understanding of both business and technology resulting in a customer centric solution. I highly recommend ISC.”

Sukhdev Sembhi
Fidelity International

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