Rationalisation of Funds Range

The delivery of a new product requires the participation of multiple business teams and external service providers, each responsible for one or more deliverables.  Strong project management competencies are central to the successful delivery of a new product.

The Brief

A leading asset manager drew upon ISC’s expertise to lead a programme to rationalise a fund range.

Project Scope

The complexity of the programme required aligning the separate project strands to deliver an achievable schedule covering fund launches, mergers and closures, asset transition and the simplification of the management company structure.

Our Role & Value

ISC's role in the successful delivery of this project was based on the experience and skill we have in project management and business analysis.

Clients engage with ISC to achieve certain results: access to individual and collective experience, the ability to hit the ground running, understanding of the project lifecycle and successful navigation of the business environment. All these factors came into play during this programme, where ISC managed and navigated the project with our client.

The Outcome

The rationalisation of the fund range was completed, with twenty two funds optimised down to thirteen into a single cost effective fund range.

Consultant Reflections

“Having joined ISC in 2018, the culture of flexible working was already well embedded in the company. With the changes to working practices that the pandemic has brought, it was fairly straight forward for our consultants to switch over, as we had the tools, infrastructure and processes already in place.”

Neer Gandecha
Investment Solutions Consultants

Over 1 Year In – How are you getting on with Operational Resilience?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires for firms to implement operational resilience plans by 31st May 2022. As it stands, we are 1 year into a 3-year implementation period running from 31st March 2022 to 31st March 2025. By May 2023, firms should have made significant progress towards operational resilience and be ready to report where Impact Tolerances are exceeded


Private Assets Products – What to do when considering a launch?

In our previous posts on Private Asset Products, we have talked about the characteristics, the demand, and the complexities. Here, we share a few insights as to what to think about when considering a new Private Asset Product launch, whether you are an established manager of such products, or venturing into this brave new world for the first time


Private Assets Products – Considerations re Complexities

In our previous posts on Private Asset Products, we talked about what they are, and the increasing demand for them. In this post we focus on some of the complex aspects, which must be carefully considered if you are planning to launch your own Private Asset Products


Private Assets Products – An Introduction

One of the hot topics in the world of financial products, is that of Private Assets Products. So, what are they, why are they in demand, and what makes them different to conventional Equity/Fixed Income based products?

This short article is intended to give a flavour and will be followed up by further posts around how best to navigate the world of Private Asset Products.


ISC Regulatory Change Forum 2023

Are you working within regulatory change in the Investment Management industry? Our forum can help you……..

If you would like to take part in the next Regulatory Change Forum, please contact us


ISC Regulatory Horizon 2023

On 28th February 2023, the FCA published its Regulatory Initiatives Grid. This contained new as well as existing items, some with indicative dates, and some without.

We at ISC compared the FCA’s grid against our own Horizon Scanning diagram for the Investment Management Industry for 2023/2024 in case any changes needed to be made. Our conclusion


ISC Newsletter – March 2023

ISC had a busy end to 2022 with some exciting announcements!
– ISC has added to their partnership with FundSense by partnering with FenCore, a marketing-leading data solution for Asset Managers
-ISC and FundSense are delighted to announce the launch of AVIATe, the first automated solution to the challenge of compiling annual Value Assessments for UK Retail Funds
-ISC is pleased to announce that retired former director, Simon Harris re-joined ISC part time in an advisory role


Responsibility for Regulatory Change within Asset Managers

How do asset managers identify, assess, prepare for, and implement regulatory change? Who is responsible for each stage, and how do different teams work together to deliver?


FCA Findings on IFPR/ICARA Process

It was surprising to read the recent FCA paper on the interim observations around ICARA (Internal Capital Adequacy & Risk Assessment) under IFPR which came into force in Jan 2022. Whilst there must have been some investment firms who have taken the ICARA process seriously, the FCA’s paper feels as if it widely condemns many of the representative firms selected for review so far


DORA – 3rd Party Technology Outsource Providers

Further to our recent LinkedIn posts on the EU DORA regulation, we thought it would be useful to outline the plans for dealing with 3rd Party technology outsource providers

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