Founded in 2005, ISC are a talented firm of consultants providing end to end transformation services to the investment management community. Our goal is to help our blue-chip client base remain sharply competitive by maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and technologies.

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ISC is all about helping our clients be successful. Clients receive a personal relationship with our talented and pragmatic consultants, whose goal is to help them achieve success.


"The bedrock of our success are the relationships we develop and nurture with our clients. We go beyond simply delivering, we base our partnerships on trust and dependability."

Bruce Christie, ISC Managing Director


"In 2005 we founded ISC, wanting it to be a place where people would enjoy working and share their enthusiasm with their colleagues. ISC today is a place where if I were starting my career again, I would very much want to join."

Warren Goillau, ISC Director

Our Approach

Our aim is to optimise client value on all the assignments we undertake. On many projects we integrate our consultants into your existing team structures, which means you experience less disruption and can stay closely involved with the progress we make. ISC promotes a collaborative open working style and when we near assignment completion, our focus is to ensure a seamless transition to business as usual. We seek to partner rather than just ‘do a job’, offering customised solutions, expert advice and skilled project management. ISC sees every engagement as an opportunity to deepen and broaden relationships with our clients where the development of mutual trust underpins the work we do today and how we support them in the future.

Our Experience

Each of our directors has in excess of twenty years involvement in the financial services sectors, with experience gained in senior positions within investment management organisations and also niche and ‘big four’ consultancies. All are at senior consultant level with proven track records in delivering success.

Our highly rated employees are recruited for their industry expertise and strong project skills. We also ensure we match their personal values and working styles with those of ISC. We seek to continually strengthen our deep and broad knowledge of the sector whilst also demonstrating strong relationships with asset managers, technology vendors and service providers.

Our  Company

We are proud of the company we have built. We are a team of skilled consultants providing a broad range of specialist expertise to the investment management community. ISC help optimise processes and harness technology in order to deliver projects that are key to the transformation objectives of our clients. We are especially recognised for providing excellent client value when compared to independent contractors and other consultancy firms.

Founded in 2005, ISC’s goal is to provide rigorous solutions to the challenges facing investment managers. We have a deep understanding of the end-to-end operating models of asset management organisations and the associated vendor landscape. Our clients work with us because of our depth of expertise and the flexible approach we take to assignments - all provided at a highly competitive price point. We are very proud of the work we have achieved and for the many transformation projects that we have delivered for our clients.

Thought Leadership

In a sector crammed with regulation, where company and product differentiation are challenging, ISC’s thought leadership provides investment managers with often original but always insightful ideas that can make a difference. All our consultants are encouraged to develop and communicate their thinking so innovated ideas can be shared and cultivated. ISC have been regular contributors to the financial press, industry forums, speaking engagements and expert panels.

Our Pragmatism

ISC looks for pragmatic solutions that give greatest return on investment. ISC is open-minded and business-centric rather than system or process-centric. The first question we always ask is ‘What is the benefit and to whom?’

ISC recognises that the successful investment manager seeks the balance between technology, people and processes.

Neer Gandecha
Jonathan Boswell

Meet Our Team

ISC is a team of talented consultants providing trusted advice to the investment management community.

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