Product Challenges

The Product Challenge

Since formation ISC has been asked to assist its clients in delivering new products to market. Product delivery requires a multi-disciplinary skill set comprising disciplined project management coupled with an understanding of the end-to-end investment management process, investment vehicles and regulation. It is our belief that product teams add the greatest value when allowed to focus on product strategy and design. But far too frequently product teams have to focus time and resource on project management of the 'delivery' phase, resulting in missed opportunities to launch commercially attractive products.

Launching a new product requires the participation of multiple stakeholders, business teams, and external service providers, each responsible for one or more deliverables.  Strong project management competencies coupled with a full appreciation of the component parts of a product launch are key to successful delivery. Product Development activity is set to increase. In this cycle competition will be fiercer, speed to market critical, quality paramount, all combined with regulatory controls and budget constraints that create an environment in which there is no room for error.

Resolving The Challenge

By providing technically strong change managers with extensive product delivery experience ISC helps our clients to realise the benefits of increased product throughput and “speed to market”. Our hands on approach to product delivery allows the client to focus on the value add activities of product strategy and development and minimise the impact on the client’s SMEs and supporting business teams.


With an awareness of the trends in product development, the characteristics of investment vehicles, and regulation; we believe that ISC has a collective experience of product delivery that makes us uniquely placed to assist with any product delivery challenge that our client’s may face irrespective of product type, asset class or scale.

Resolving the Assessment of Value Challenge

Assessment of Value is integral to product governance. It requires timely and accurate information to be assembled from across the organisation and presented clearly to allow the asset manager, fund boards and regulator to demonstrate “value for money”.

AVIATe is an intelligent workflow solution that supports a “best practice”, operationally efficient approach to Assessment of Value (AoV) that improves governance and reduces risk.

Examples of our Completed Projects

A long-established client of ISC required a multi-disciplinary team to manage the delivery of credit funds from initial idea through to launch. Given our relationship and expertise in this area, the client had confidence ISC could deliver consultants with the right skills.

ISC had been a long-term partner to a global asset manager when they asked for advice regarding the existing operating model for their Real Estate Multi Manager funds. Looking at the issue, the best approach to addressing the request was to perform an operating model review.

A leading asset manager drew upon ISC’s expertise to lead a programme to rationalise an entire fund range, with the closure of funds along with the merging of others. With the change across the entire range, an important part of the process was the launch of new funds.

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