Data Challenges

The Data Challenge

We live in a digital world where data is becoming increasingly available. In recent years the asset management industry has recognised the value of accurate, reliable and consistent data in supporting every aspect of its operational competency. The approach taken to data management depends very much on each organisation’s recognition of data as a valuable commodity, and the appetite to govern it appropriately.

Where a firm sits on the aspirational data maturity curve will play a key part in the future of that organisation. Not just for existing data requirements that are fundamental, but also as the industry develops in terms of Regulatory Change, Product, Operational Efficiency, ESG initiatives, investor data ‘hunger’, etc. Firms that fail to address the current and future data challenges for their organisation will increasingly struggle in the ‘digital age’.

Resolving The Challenge

ISC has worked with numerous clients across a wide variety of projects in all operational areas, and almost all of these are underpinned by data. In many cases, data is the underlying obstacle which impacts business and change initiatives. We understand that tactical data solutions only offer temporary relief, and that identifying a clear data strategy is the only real way forward.

We can identify where a firm currently sits on the data maturity curve, and where it wants to get to. We can contribute to data governance initiatives, help establish data ownership models, and how best to achieve transparent data lineage and transformation. All of this can support both the business-as-usual activities, and make organisation change easier and more effective.

Examples of our Completed Projects

A multi-national client required a rethink on how new products were delivered. They were limited in the number of funds they could launch using their current systems and processes.

The client commissioned ISC to provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME), Project Management and Business Analysis to lead and guide the Costs and Charges Scrum team.

ISC provided a variety of resources to a project team who were tasked with the sourcing and ongoing governance of data for a client reporting system implementation.

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