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Middle Office Capabilities

Client Servicing

ISC provide consulting services to maximise the data, systems and processes that collate and produce client reports and support distribution teams and new business functions.

ISC has extensive experience of working in the on client reporting systems, amongst the system vendors we have worked with are:

Kurtosys Eagle Investment Systems

Performance & Risk Measurement

ISC provide consulting services to maximise the data, systems and processes that are used to measure and attribute performance and Risk, assign benchmarks, build composites and ensure and verify GIPS compliance, stress tests and analysis of future cash flows streams and the variance of returns.

ISC has extensive experience of working with a number of system vendors in the Performance and Risk Measurement and Reporting arena including:

Lombard Risk MSCI Eagle Investment Systems BI-SAM

ISC regularly produces articles and White papers through the ISC Chronicle, the list below contains those that are relevant to these topics.

Want to win clients on the strength of client reporting In the Winter 2010 edition of the ISC Chronicle, we examined the ways in which client reporting is evolving with views on 'The Shape of Things to Come'. In this article, we take a more detailed look at the challenges of client reporting workflow as we seek to de-mystify the perception that it is a complex beast when in fact adhering to some simple dos and don'ts proves it doesn't have to a daunting exercise to implement a sensible process for client report production...

TSAM 2012 client reporting and Communications – Themes from the chair The TSAM Client Reporting and Communications stream was chaired by Simon Harris, Partner at ISC. Simon also hosted the day two workshop on Client Reporting workflow. This article expands on the key themes discussed and the differentiators that now make client reporting an important factor when clients are selecting their Investment Managers.

Guideline Monitoring- ensuring you get what you want Recent events have, not surprisingly, focused attention at a number of Investment Managers onto Compliance in general and onto Investment Guideline monitoring in particular.

Client Reporting trends for 2011 One of the key principles of Darwin's theory of evolution, is that evolution itself is not a constant process. In fact, evolution only occurs where the need arises, and is actually punctuated by long periods of stasis (where a particular species doesn't evolve at all), followed by short and rapid evolutionary spurts forced upon a species by environmental change. If a species doesn't need to evolve because its environment doesn't demand it, then it will remain as is...

Client Reporting and Distribution – an electronic revolution Dr. John Francis 'Jack' Welch, Jr., the former Chairman of General Electric once famously said 'It (the internet) is like the flu - it just spreads like crazy'. Few would deny the acuteness of this observation, and it seems that even the traditionally paper-based activity of Asset Managers sending client reports is now succumbing to the attractive capabilities and efficiencies of the internet....

Successful Client Reporting- Hit or Myth No article is ever going to be able to give you a comprehensive approach to your Client Reporting project, but here are a few of the key issues to bear in mind if you are starting, or have started on such a venture So you're a successful asset management company...

GIPS – Easing the verification pain The cost of verification may be large within the realms of the performance department budget but it is minor in the grand scheme of total asset manager costs. Therefore, a prospective client or investment consultant may ask why are you not be verified, is something being hidden?

GIPS & Composite Modules – Vendor Q&A A shortened version of this Q&A appears in the Autumn 2012 edition of the ISC Chronicle. This paper is the full Q&A with the following vendors; Ortec Finance, Wilshire, BI-Sam and Statpro. The questions discuss the benefits of using composite models, the focus of the vendors, the trends in the industry and other related topics.

Notes on a postcard – thoughts on investment performance measurement The data explosion which has occurred over the last ten years has directed and intensified a trend in the asset management world. Data now represents the heart of the Asset Management business and its efficient management provides tangible benefits which enhance a firm's competitive advantage...

Faith – Based Indices – A shelter in stormy times With uncertainty in global markets and the threat of the 'R' word looming over the dinner party conversations of New York and London, there are those investors who may look for a little succour in the form of the raft of ethical and religious based indices now offered by major index vendors. Although these indices are not new to the market, this article will seek to explore some of the more recent product developments, the concepts underpinning them and the ethical issues being faced in the industry...

Wealth Management, Risk & Regulation – the terrible twins Risk and regulation stand like two towering giants over the Asset Management industry, exerting their respective pressures on Institutional and Private Wealth managers alike...

Risk Management in Risky Times As the dust begins to clear from the fallout following the detonation of the bombshell that has gone off in the financial markets this autumn, many investment managers will now be looking at themselves to see how best to operate in a slimmed down, potentially more volatile environment.

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