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New Product Delivery Service

The High-Level Product Development Process

Product strategy, idea generation, establishing the feasibility of new products and product design are the core value added activities of the product development team, requiring an in-depth understanding of market trends and opportunities, investment and distribution strategy, investment vehicles and regulation. Unsurprisingly, this skill set is a rare and valued quality. The need to react quickly to new market opportunities can lead to the product development team becoming over-utilised, which in turn can limit the ability of an organisation to launch commercially attractive products or can result in the need to use expensive legal resources to bridge the gap.

Design, build, run

Every new product creates a sizeable 'tail' of delivery activity that demands the participation of multiple internal business teams and external service providers to establish operational readiness, gain regulatory approval, obtain seeding and implement the distribution strategy. The product delivery stage is best managed as a formal project with an assigned project manager, detailed launch plan and governance structure.

Product delivery tree diagram

Effective product delivery requires a multi-disciplinary skill set comprising effective stakeholder management and disciplined project management coupled with an understanding of the end-to-end investment management process, investment vehicles and regulation. Using change managers with these skills for the product delivery stage can free up the product development team to focus on the high value-add activities of product strategy and design.

ISC offers a cost-effective resource solution to resolving capacity shortfalls in the product development team. ISC's consultants have many years' experience of providing hands-on project management and advisory services to investment management organisations allowing them to bring a wealth of experience and a disciplined project management approach to product delivery.

ISC product delivery skill set

ISC New Product Delivery Service