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Product Delivery Services

ISC offer services to support all aspects of product launches or reviews by augmenting the knowledge within asset managers with their experience. The addition of ISC allows firms to focus on the delivery of a product by supporting each project, freeing up of resources. This service can be for any type of fund launch including the newly launched Tax Transparent Funds as introduced by HMRC in 2013.

Tax Transparent Funds

Tax Transparent Funds (TTFs) are a being launched by a few organisations and 2015 saw a number of events by providers promoting how they can support these fund structures. ISC feel that these new tax efficient fund structures pose a great opportunity to both asset managers and owners. HMRC have been introducing regulation that allows the UK companies to market equivalent tax efficient funds to those currently established in Luxembourg and Ireland. The rationalisation of funds has obvious savings for fund managers and the offer of tax savings for clients means these fund structures have recognisable benefits. These benefits make TTFs attractive to both current investors and broaden the scope of potential customers.

Tax Transparent Funds Service

New Product Delivery Service

ISC offers a cost-effective resource solution to resolving capacity shortfalls in the product development team during fund launches. By managing new product delivery as a formal project with an assigned project manager, detailed launch pland and governance structure ISC allow the product development team to focus on Product strategy, idea generation and establishing the feasibility of new products.

New Product Delivery Service