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ISC understands the challenges its clients face in the investment management industry. As such it is committed to developing services specifically designed to enable clients to fast-track solutions. These services are designed and built by leveraging its consultants' wealth of industry experience and applying it appropriately to the individual client's situation. This includes:

  • offering strategic advice and operational review at executive level
  • defining and understanding the issues and building business cases
  • advising on system selection/build at operational level
  • Analysis, design and implementation of Target Operating Models
  • implementing and deploying solutions
  • programme management, project management and business analysis through the full life cycle (from product launch through front to back offices and on to outsource partners and ultimately end clients)
  • consulting across the range of asset managers, service providers and vendors.

The unique characteristics of each client's organisational and operational structure mean that there will never be a one-size-fits-all solution. In recognition of this, ISC designs its services to be customisable to requirements drawing on the consultants' experience and maturity to work through issues on a pragmatic level.

ISC develops solutions that enable the client to deliver not just change but progress, among the areas where ISC has specific services are;