Change Forum May 2022

We enjoyed hosting the ISC Change Forum Yesterday with the Change Collective: WoW Agile The Storytellers Rebekah Shepherd

a brief recap...

We recognised that if you don’t learn you can’t improve.

The Change Collective discussed why we had chosen to work together – because of shared values critical for successful Change:

🧩 Collaboration, Creativity, Innovation, Learning, Fun & a consideration for People involved and impacted by Change.

And with our collective skills and experiences providing the 5 Enablers of Change:

🧩 Agility, Change Management, Storytelling, Delivery with Control and Team work

Rebekah Shepherd provided an introduction to the Psychology of Change and looked at the skills, styles and strengths required to be Change Leaders, noting that different contexts require flexibility from Change Leaders.

Our Change Pain Points revealed that Communication, Engagement and Stakeholder Management were areas of challenge.

Flora Brown told us how Storytelling can help with these pain points. We also recognised that ‘Listening’ (rather than always communicating) was also key.

Thanks to Olina Glindevi for a great visual illustrating the Change Collectives shared values.

We listen to your needs

We listen to your needs

We understand your problem

We understand your challenges

We suggest a solution

We provide solutions

We help with implementation

We help with implementation