Definition of Change Management

The FCA's Implementing Technology Change uses a definition of Change Management which sounds a lot like ‘standard’ Project Management.

This is unfortunate because Change Management deserves recognition as a standalone Change discipline.

This mislabelling of Change Management, rather than recognising it as critical component of Change often sees the people impacted overlooked - Change Management is widely recognised as being critical for success in the “people side of change”.

Instead of Change Management being an integral cornerstone of a project there is often just a last-minute scramble to 'get some comms out!' (or worse: no comms at all and firefighting at launch).

For the record - Change Management, as defined by @Prosci is:

The application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome.

Rebekah Shepherd – of the Change Management Coach – explains the importance of putting people at the centre of every change you deliver:

"Communicating well and often, involving those impacted by change early, and preparing people through training, all help to reduce the impact of change and encourage adoption and therefore ROI.

We used to think about a lack of adoption of new technology as a form of change ‘resistance’. We should instead see it as a reaction to a change that has not adequately considered the human element".

Remember people aren’t so easily controlled!

It would be great to discuss the Implementing Technology Change | FCA with any Change colleagues – please get in touch to see how @ISCtd can help you with your Change practices.

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