Delivering Change

Delivering Change with reliance on a third party is fraught with risk, both parties speak in different corporate languages, they may talk of partnership, but each has separate goals and objectives – there is often a power balance or a clash of internal governance requirements.

To help a project get the best from Third Parties, inviting the Procurement and Supplier Management into the project team early is key. Often, they are brought in when a procurement based governance hurdle is crashed into. By then it’s often too late.

Early engagement of the Procurement and Supplier Management Teams and third party relationship management over contract negotiation is a step in the right direction.

Joint strategic planning, joint quarterly planning and joint OKR setting with your key third parties would be significant steps.

How do you and your third parties work together to improve the Delivery of Change?

We listen to your needs

We listen to your needs

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We help with implementation