FCA’s Implementing Technology Change

Ben Walder, our Head of Transformation, is writing a series of posts on the FCA’s Implementing Technology Change report (https://www.fca.org.uk/publications/multi-firm-reviews/implementing-technology-change ) – sharing thoughts and ideas on the report's key findings. Here is his 2nd post:

The FCA’S Implementing Technology Change report has a clear focus - it’s scope is well defined.

But what about the human impact? Even Technology Change involves humans!

The scope does not consider consumers or employees or wider ESG considerations.  I would like to propose a new area for analysis:

How (Technology) Change can put consumers, employees and the environment front and centre.

I asked Rebekah Shepherd – The Change Management Coach – for her thoughts:

“It is, after all, people who will have to work in the new way and people need to be prepared for change if they are to move willingly towards it. Preparing people for change ensures:

✅ they are ready, willing, and able to work in the new way

✅ they understand why they need to change and what they need to do differently

✅ they will have the skills they need to competently operate the new system or process”

Please ensure your Change considers the big picture - consumers, employees and the environment – not just the technical end product.

Without hard-wiring the human and social drivers for the Change into the Change, the delivery and final product can be sterile, or worse as challenges are faced and compromises are made the human and social drivers are sacrificed – potentially with negative impact on the consumers, employees and the environment.

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