Implementing Technology Change

Ben Walder our Head of Transformation will be writing a series of posts on the FCA’s Implementing Technology Change report (Implementing Technology Change | FCA) – sharing thoughts and ideas on the reports key findings.👉🏻

An Internal Audit colleague once asked why my change methodology was not regulatory compliant.

I asked him “please show me the Change regulation”

Which got me thinking: Why isn’t there any Change regulation?

Organisations are changing all the time and at ever increasing speed yet there is no specific regulatory control of change - as for say New Product Development under MiFID II.

I found Implementing Technology Change | FCA on the FCA’s – proving that the FCA has Change on its radar.

It may be a case of be careful what you wish for but as a Change Practitioner I’m glad my profession is on the Regulator’s agenda – please let me know if you share this view!

🧩It would be great to discuss the Implementing Technology Change | FCA with any Change colleagues – please get in touch to see how @ISCltd can help you with your Change practices🧩

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