Improve change success rates

There are lots of approaches and processes that can improve change success rates.

Stronger governance is not the one that I would place at the top of the list.

The FCA are right with day-to-day risk management - it is a must and an integral part of delivering change with control.

It is not:

❌ Risk management by the external risk team, assessing from the side-lines on a periodic basis

❌ That last SteerCo agenda item – the Risk & Issue log review – that never gets discussed (admit it!)

Instead try these practices that can help achieve delivery with control:

🧩 Welcome the Risk Team into the project team - make them feel part of the team, engage them as risk solvers not risk reporters

🧩 Discuss risks daily in the daily team meeting / stand up

🧩 Put risk reviews and risk resolutions in the To Do List or Team Backlog

Don’t forget the other ISC Enablers of Change either:

🧩 Be agile (as the dictionary defines agile)

🧩 Have a story to tell

🧩 Take care of the unseen psychological impact of change

🧩 Motivated, skilled teams will always win the day

It would be great to discuss the Implementing Technology Change | FCA with any Change colleagues – please get in touch to see how @ISCtd can help you with your Change practices.

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