Mastering Fund and Product Data in Investment Management

Mastering fund and product data is not just about operational efficiency; it's fast becoming a regulatory imperative. It is becoming increasingly apparent that a mature data master is critical to meet everchanging regulatory requirements.

When mastering fund and product data, investment management firms must navigate through several critical considerations. In this series we will take the following structured approach to tackle this challenge:

  1. Scope of the Product Domain: Should the product master be a simple list of funds and share classes? When does it make sense to mark product-related data as out-of-scope? We will delve into how to effectively define scope in future discussions.
  2. Administering a Product Master: It might not be sexy but nailing the administrative model for the product master is critical in ensuring that it is accurate, updated on time, and can be relied on for downstream consumption.
  3. Workflow and Mastering Interaction: Effective integration is key to ensuring data accuracy and timeliness, crucial for regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. Look forward to strategies for seamless integration.
  4. Downstream consumption: Having mastered data is pretty pointless if you don’t do anything with it. We will review strategies to ensuring that a product master’s value is maximised.
  5. Define the benefits, acknowledge the costs: Weary stakeholders need to be bought-in for a successful product master. We will consider how to create a business case that can be championed by key stakeholders.


🔍 Stay Tuned for Our Series: We’ll dive deep into each area, offering insights and actionable strategies to help firms navigate the complexities of data mastery in today's regulatory environment.


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