Two Types of Governance (1. Enables & reduces risk and 2. Slows down and blocks delivery)

There are 2 types of governance:

1. Governance that enables and reduces risk i.e. the right type of governance.
2. Governance that slows down and blocks delivery i.e. the wrong type of governance.

Even the wrong type of governance will be successful in reducing incidents as it slows delivery and leads to less change being delivered - but is less change being delivered really the outcome we want?

The traditional approach to governance sees governance ‘done to the project team’ rather than ‘by the project team’. Governance can be a maze of documents, gates, checkpoints and grandiose-titled meetings that must be navigated – often seemingly blindfolded.

Instead try dynamic and embedded governance within the project team:

Encourage the project team to own and take pride in their governance, not see it as an imposition or a distraction from an outside force

Put governance deliverables in the To Do List or Team Backlog.

Go further and invite governance colleagues into the project - make them feel part of the project team.

Flex the governance over the change lifecycle in proportion to the risk and type of change

This will help ensure that governance delivers clear benefits, keeps the project team safe, releases funding, provides an enabling pathway and a catalyst for positive affirmation from Stakeholders –with a governance deliverable successfully completed earning a metaphorical pat on the back.

Imagine looking forward to a stage gate completion?

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